A multifunctional resort hotel on Burny Cape will become a pearl of our region owing to its unique high-class spa center.

The designers of the hotel put an emphasis on marine theme. The building that looks like a cruise liner will be featured with architectural elements inspired by marine style.

Site location

The resort hotel site is located on Burny Cape in Vladivostok.

The hotel is composed of two buildings linked with an air bridge. The main building provides space for the hotel lobby, hotel keys and restaurants. The other building will be used for a health club supplied with all necessary equipment for an active life, such as gym, swimming pools, fitness club.

It is planned to have a hotel beach and an open air pool fenced with a glass wind screen. There will be a parking lot for 77 cars under the air bridge.

The maximum height of the hotel building is 14 floors (250 hotel keys). The hotel capacity — 375 guests, the health club capacity — 113 guests.

Project documents

  • Architectural and planning concept Explanatory note, technical and economic performance, layouts and visuals .PDF (8,4 Mb)

Construction report

The construction was commenced in September 2009, the commissioning is planned for March 2012, the formal opening — for June 2012.

Resort hotel on Burny Cape Resort hotel on Burny Cape Resort hotel on Burny Cape

The tenders are open for any investors, developers and contractors wishing to bid. The tenders are administrated by the Government of Primorsky Region.

It is a modern public building combining the hotel and health club functions with a café and high class restaurants inside.



The design of both hotels is developed by RMJM, an international architecture company with a 50-years’ history.

At present time RMJM develops more than 100 facilities in 15 countries of the world.


The Government of Primorsky Region

The Government of Primorsky Region

For the purposes of preparation for the APEC Summit in Vladivostok it was planned to build several 5-star hotels.

According to the data from the Government of Primorsky Region, it is planned to build a resort hotel with a total area of 43.1 square meters on Burny Cape and a city hotel with a total area of 32.3 square meters on Korabelnaya Embankment by December 2011.


Hyatt International

The resort and city hotels will be operated by Hyatt International — an international hotel operator managing more than 750 hotels and resorts (140 000 keys) in more than 45 countries under its trademark.