The city hotel on Korabelnaya Embankment will become a center of business, financial and culture life of Vladivostok.

The 15-floors high-rise building will provide space for the hotel lobby, hotel keys, retail shops and restaurants. A wedding palace located inside the hotel will become a special feature of this hotel.

The second building will provide space for a conference hall with supplied the most up-to-date equipment, a business center with WiFi access and various office appliances, and the meeting rooms. The 5-star hotel is designed for 250 keys. The hotel capacity will 375 guests, the conference facilities capacity — maximum 600 guests.

Site location

The multifunctional city hotel is located near the Pier No. 36 on Korabelnaya Embankment.

The hotel is surrounded by the sea from the north, the west and the south, and faces Korabelnaya Embankment on the east.

The site is divided into the following functional zones: car parking, public spaces, hotel keys, conference hall, F&B facilities, administrative offices and sports and recreational facilities area.

The project provides for a high level urban landscaping with the use of high-strength materials for the passways surfacing, design of turfgrass, pavements and stone grounds.

Project documents

  • Architectural and planning concept Explanatory note, technical and economic performance, layouts and visuals .PDF (9,5 Mb)

Construction report

The construction was commenced in September 2009, the commissioning is planned for March 2012, the formal opening — for June 2012.

City hotel on Korabelnaya Embankment City hotel on Korabelnaya Embankment City hotel on Korabelnaya Embankment

The tenders are open for any investors, developers and contractors wishing to bid. The tenders are administrated by the Government of Primorsky Region.

The hotel consists of three buildings connected by a single stylobate, and a separate office building.



The design of both hotels is developed by RMJM, an international architecture company with a 50-years’ history.

At present time RMJM develops more than 100 facilities in 15 countries of the world.


The Government of Primorsky Region

The Government of Primorsky Region

For the purposes of preparation for the APEC Summit in Vladivostok it was planned to build several 5-star hotels.

According to the data from the Government of Primorsky Region, it is planned to build a resort hotel with a total area of 43.1 square meters on Burny Cape and a city hotel with a total area of 32.3 square meters on Korabelnaya Embankment by December 2011.